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FACs (Food Associative Consumption Score) is Morsum’s consumer valuation product and trigger basis for nudge incentives.

FACs does the thinking for operators to determine and target who values most what they most productively do. FACs tracks hundreds of critical consumer events in Transactions, Food Profile, Engagement and Behavior to determine a dynamic score for individuals or any consumption cohort. Incentive triggers, similar to FICO credit scores, exist at thresholds where consumer value increases in totality or in specific event categories and return token rewards to consumers or groups.

FACs is fully integrated into Morsum Relay product allowing for the automation of all communications relating FACs triggers and rewards. Once configured, operators need no longer think about segmentation, segmentation analysis or communications.

Customer volumetric against key financial, engagement and food profile dimensions

FACs - Screenshot


FACs - Model
C = Consumer / Cohort
S = Service composition + Objective
C1 / CN $$ = Consumer Value