Food should fit

The future of food is an absolute and irrefutable chemical matching of consumer needs and interests and producer capability and resource, at every consumption occasion.

We have built the means for consumers to know precisely how the food they are contemplating fits with their needs, habits and goals. Furnished with this knowledge, we are supporting producers to radically reduce operational and consumer food waste.


Imagine if your decisions on food were based on perfect information about your specific, at-that-moment needs, your goals, your underlying flavor preferences, your timing and satiation habits. Would you eat better? Would you feel better? Would you waste less? Yes, yes, yes. At Morsum, we have built the data models and technology products to make all of your food decisions perfect-to-you. Now that’s progress.


Imagine you have perfect information on what to produce that perfectly matches your consumer cohorts’ needs and preferences. Not historical sales and projection but a specific mapping of precisely what your consumers want that you can satisfy. Would this affect your production plans, your innovation thinking, your marketing approach and your distribution? Yes, yes, yes. At Morsum we have the data value chain to make your operational value chain work. Let’s talk.

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Introducing Nutrait ™

How consumers and producers know food fits.


John's Nutrait ™

Cheeseburger Nutrait ™

Core food data mapping

You are what you eat, want to eat and need to eat. At the center of our universe lies a data structure and system ontology that allows us to understand consumer, production, resource and innovation in a revolutionarily simple way that informs all critical decision making. What’s more, we automated most of that decision process so, as a food producer, you can focus on making the food.



Morsell is Morsum’s omnichannel consumer transactional and communications interface. Morsell ordering technology is available in smartphone applications, desktop, kiosk and wearable devices. Morsell consumer platforms are available for white label.


POM is Morsum’s PoS importer application allowing any point of sale source data to be mapped to underlying food data for effective production planning, product innovation and consumer recommendation and offer personalization.


Alimean is Morsum’s food analysis engine. Using a series of proprietary machine learning models, Alimean produces and automates decisions on what food product to make, for whom, when and what time/time period providing unrivalled accuracy and efficiency in the food operation process.


Nutrait is Morsum’s central multivariate food preference mark. A Nutrait can be applied to any food to define the flavor, macronutrient and chemical properties and; to any individual or group to define flavor preference and macronutrient needs. The Nutrait mapping between consumer and food product will become the central decision basis for food consumption.


Recipedia is Morsum’s recipe matching product. Nutrait’s can be matched to millions of prepared food items for the development of “fitting” and ranked food products for production.


Bodie is Morsum core ML technology harnessing sales, underlying food data and cohort profile information, Bodie constructs, apportions and prepares menu production plans automating all human menu planning activity. Bodie default accuracy is minimum of 95% to future sales.


FACs is Morsum’s “FICO for Food” application, based on 32 key consumer metrics, providing dynamic core consumer segmentation and valuation and creating the basis for timely, relevant and valued communications, promotions and rewards.


fOS is the Morsum Food Operating System dashboard providing unprecedented realtime views into Morsum food, labor and consumer products and data across the entire food operating and consumer environment. Operators will unambiguously determine the optimal configurations of menu, consumer segment and production order. fOS also includes automated consumer support and response protocols and early warning flags.


Taskmaster is Morsum’s core expedite and production workflow manager tracking and logging every expedite and production activity associated with the production and distribution (including delivery) of all food product. Taskmaster workflows are automatically generated from Bodie production plans (item matching and volumetric). Taskmaster provides unrivaled personnel performance and productivity data and real labor cost-to-produce for any food item. Production decisions and optimal production are fully automated. Taskmaster is available in web, native mobile and AR modules.


Juju is Morsum’s reward and loyalty system. Using FACs scoring, Juju provides an open rewards architecture and hierarchy that can support client configured and specific food, engagement, transactional or behavioral conditions.

Use Cases


Managed food services


K-12 schools


Foodtech wholesale




Higher education


Would it help if we reduced your food and labor costs by 15% today?