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Taskmaster™ Taskmaster

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Taskmaster is Morsum’s core labor productivity and task management tool.

Taskmaster does the thinking for supervisors and individual operators in both constructing the optimal production plan for desired menu configuration and directing the specific tasks required for operators in sequence, and accounting for dependencies. No paper, no more.

Taskmaster product works closely with Alimean and Workflower products.

Taskmaster distinguishes between passive and active tasks allowing for a clear delineation of workflow elements, identifies common ingredients for aggregation and efficient production and establishes best practices/optimal productivity for specific recipes and menus.

Taskmaster is, in real-time, directly informed by sales data allowing for batch controls and re-calculation on-the-fly of new production volumes, delivering instantaneous and precise direction for operators ensuring no overproduction and maintenance of quality in later day part timings.

With meaningful impacts on supervisory planning, shift management, operator activity, training requirement, production consistency and waste control, Taskmaster is revolutionizing the kitchen.

Taskmaster - Screenshot


Taskmaster - Model
Taskmaster Operator 1
Taskmaster Operator 2
Taskmaster Operator 3
TP = Time period