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Signum™ Signum

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Signum is Morsum’s central food product and ingredient (and CPG product) categorizer.

Signum does the thinking for operators, including dieticians and health practitioners, ensuring the full, accurate and precise data attribute and property application to all goods on fOS platform. For consumers, including hospital patients, this allows for full transparency in the content of the food they are contemplating and the assured satisfaction of any dietary, health or other consumption conditionals. For operators Signum provides a basis for absolute compliance, and critically, a foundation for genuine consumer trust.

Signum is a vital product in the Morsum fOS platform, not least in guaranteeing that MyBite and Nutrait are served all of the attribute data vis-a-vis both recommendations and food preference and needs profiles.


Signum - Model
EP = Ethnic properties
TP = Type properties
NP = Nutrait Properties
NV = Nutrait Value