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Relay™ Relay

consumer engagement consumer segmentation offer targeting

Relay is Morsum’s core marketing communications product and platform.

Relay does the thinking for marketers and operators in defining who should receive what message when and how. In conjunction with Morsum’s Juju and FACs products, Relay delivers the capability to micro-segment, target and touch specific individual consumers and cohorts with precisely the right content/offer. Relay can satisfy the broadest to the narrowest of message casting with a simplicity of execution, management and result/performance assessment.

Relay ensures that all of the food service value proposition is understood and ensures that no consumer engagement, response or request goes unheard or unappreciated. Automated response and escalation of inquiry/feedback/request allows for the efficient parsing of operator activity and productive time management.

Relay guarantees that consumers are never left in the dark or unanswered and that no consumer feels unloved.

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Relay - Model