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Recover is Morsum’s Nutritional Service Management product.

Recover does the thinking for patients and practitioners in defining the precise and optimized food required to support optimal recovery and ongoing health. Onsite patient menu recommendation that fits preference, care plan, drug and allergy needs thanks to the direct read of EHR codes, HL7 and FHIR interoperability and Morsum’s best in class food categorizer, Signum. Direct data flow through from patient pre-order to optimized fulfillment and production planning. Continuing data capture and evidence on recovery from at-home food module. And, direct connection to grocery for the efficient fulfillment of required ingredients.

Recover automates menu offering and simplifies means to order for patients. Recover radically impacts NPS and satisfaction from dramatic improvements in order scheduling and fulfillment capability. As with other fOS modules, Recover dramatically reduces costs in healthcare nutritional services.

Recover - Screenshot


Recover - Model
PA = Allergies
PD = Drug Interaction
PI = Care intervention
PA = Lab results
PP = Patient preference
Recover Nutrait profile for all planned
food for production in period
t —> tn