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Recipedia™ Recipedia

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Recipedia is Morsum’s recipe-to-cohort best fit product.

Recipedia does the thinking for operators interpreting transactional data, cohort and individual consumer Nutraits and returning a delta based scoring from ideal match. No more math or guesswork on what to produce or buy that will satisfy your audience.

Recipedia removes producer/operator bias and radically rationalizes recipes to the universe of known winners. Recipedia is an objective data product assuming “idealized” best before incorporation of subjective constraints such as cost, health, sustainability and other appropriate prioritizations in our Alimean menu configuration product.

Recipedia automates the recipe selection saving considerable time in new menu development. Morsum provides a fully mapped recipe database of over 200,000 items (to accurate ingredient and supply data) into which Recipedia can search.

Recipedia - Screenshot


Recipedia - Model
NF = Nutrait universe for food products profiles
NC = Nutrait universe for food consumer profiles