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Propel™ Propel

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Propel is Morsum’s upsell product.

Propel does the thinking for consumers on “what additionally I’d like.” Working in tandem with Morsum’s Nutrait, MyBite and Fodder products, Propel provides the dollar value optimization of cart within the boundaries of known consumer preferences and needs. Propel provides simplified and decluttered consumer decision making on product proposal and facilitates speed of transaction cutting through the tyranny of choice.

Propel removes the need for approximate cohort wide promotions, directing consumer on the specific items that could additionally be purchased that would satisfy consumer requirements not operator promotional imperative.

Propel does the thinking for operators on what consumers may want and creates a basis for trusted product discovery based on demonstrable consumer knowledge and intimacy. Propel challenges the precarious “push” orthodoxy of promotion.


Propel - Model
N = Nutrait
Sg = Suggestion
PM = Promotion
CV = Cart value