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Nutrait™ Nutrait

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Nutrait is Morsum’s central, aggregated consumer and food data product.

Nutrait does the thinking for consumers on the best match of food product to preference, needs and goals, including health and drug interaction. As a core component of Morsum recommendation engine, MyBite, Nutrait provides an accurate and dependable basis for product decisions, and vitally, new food product discovery. Nutrait’s multi-faceted, interactive interface can be accessed at POS, Kiosk, App and Wearable devices.

Nutrait is a vital characterization of food content that requires no consumer interpretation, and guarantees 100% accuracy and currency in reported and calculated data and attributes. For critical nutritional management environments, Nutrait is the trust mark for food product.

Nutrait plays a critical role in the Morsum forecast model for individual items, Bodie, menu configuration tool Alimean and cohort segmentation and communication tool, Relay.

Nutrait operates in all food service scenarios, including healthcare, retail and grocery.

If we are what we eat, then Nutrait is increasingly the way in which we learn who we are.

John's Doe Nutrait™

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Nutrait - Model
B = behavioral dimensions, finite number of positive or negative relationships (and therefore proximity) to “i”
R = product dimensions/recipe dimensions that relate to behavioral dimensions