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MyBite™ MyBite

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MyBite is Morsum’s principle consumer recommendation engine.

MyBite allows Consumer Nutrait and additional consumer interest information including price to rank and direct on optimal item and combination of items against any given menu offering. MyBite allows for One-Click ordering of total cart, multiple item combinations, furnishing consumers with significant decision support, convenience and peace of mind that whatever is selected for you is your ideal.

MyBite requires only 3 unique daypart purchases/orders in order to capture sufficient underlying preference data to begin effective recommendation.

MyBite presents on all transactional interfaces in which Morsell, Morsum’s consumer ordering platform, operates.

MyBite renders the traditional menu concept redundant presenting only those items that are known to be relevant to consumers, even where the consumer has no prior experience with food product.

MyBite - Screenshot


MyBite - Model