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Morsell™ Morsell

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Morsell is Morsum’s universal consumer order interface that makes sure that food and consumer data is accessible on every conceivable ordering device.

Morsell does the thinking for operators delivering real time and accurate product, pricing and consumer profile data to any consumer transactional interface. POS, Kiosk, App, Web, Wearables and Menu Boards all carrying the correct production and menu data, up-to-date fulfillment data and consumer personalization data. Changes in production plan, pricing or promotion, or Morsell back office configurations, flow to all consumer interfaces instantaneously. Working in conjunction with Morsum’s Nutrait, MyBite, Fodder and Juju products, Morsell allows for every device to recognize, recommend and reward specific consumers.

Morsell is device and service agnostic working with a variety of software platforms, merchant, equipment and third party ordering interfaces. With Morsum Open Developer platform, fOS datatech is complementary with almost any microservice platform.

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