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Mandi™ Mandi

ingredient purchase inventory levels inventory location purchase need purchase reconciliation what to buy

Mandi is Morsum’s food inventory and purchase management product.

Mandi does the thinking for operators on what to buy and when to buy. Mandi’s production needs requirement output and automation of purchase to suppliers gives operators endless hours in every week back for more productive endeavors. Mandi’s pureform perpetual inventory and control, is supported by our Bodie and Alimean products to allow accurate long range forecast of purchase requirement making mis-order, mis-timed delivery and inaccurate fulfilment a thing of the past. Incidence of substitution to zero. Reason for inventory gap to zero.

Mandi’s incorporation into the fOS closed data loop allows extension of purchase lead times and dramatically more efficient inventory alignment and lowered food cost.

Mandi allows operators to focus on food production and inventory and purchase cycles to mitigate the foibles in human calculation.

Mandi - Screenshot


Mandi - Model
Ppt = Product Parcel time t
PRD = Product
Ing = Ingredient
REP = Replenishment
LOC = Location
TMPt = Taskmaster