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Fodder™ Fodder

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Fodder is Morsum’s goal realization and food translation product and interface.

Fodder does the thinking for consumers on the sorting of all available products to prescribed food consumption and health goals. Establishing new habits and wellness outcomes requires constant interpretation and translation of the content of product to personal objectives. Ensuring the right balance of fat types, sugars and proteins to deliver your goals and peak performance is challenging. Add, Gut-Brain axis management, and our brains start to fizzle. Fodder does it for you. Fodder reads all of the potential foods you might consume and sorts to the optimal for you. No mean feat.

Fodder is accessible in Morsell transactional interfaces.

If calorie counting was all we needed to do then eating well would be easy. Likewise the headlong attachment to the latest diet fad. Happily, we and the food we eat, are a little more complicated (and rewarding).

Fodder - Screenshot


Fodder - Model