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FiSH is Morsum’s core food service diagnostic, need state and configuration product. (btw: FiSH = Food Service Intention Hierarchy).

FiSH does the thinking for food buyers and food operators on the prioritization and configuration of food services. FiSH exhausts all key performance criteria to 6 critical performance categories: Convenience, Quality, Innovation, Health, Engagement and Personalization. Metrics are extracted via 1000s of current and future state performance questions, with weighted response scores that direct to metric support. Once identified, metrics and their associated levels, define the critical fOS configurations to secure desired food service outcomes. Yes, we ask a lot of questions, but only once and we make sure the food service you want is the one you get.

If you want a custom suit, you let the tailor measure you properly.

In short, we take what you want and think, make it metrics and make sure fOS platform ensures operational focus on those objectives.

You’re happy and your food service operators know what’s important and have the means to deliver.

FiSH - Screenshot


FiSH - Model