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Alimean™ Alimean

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Alimean is Morsum’s core menu configuration product.

Working closely with our Recipedia, Bodie and Mandi products, Alimean does all of the thinking for operators on the correct combination of items in a given menu, for a given store and a given daypart. Building on key labor, health, food cost constraints and Bodie product volume predictions, Alimean assesses the appropriate mix of items that satisfies the subjective constraints to the ideal and merges those with natural relationship impacts (Turkey and Chicken for example).

Alimean requires a training period for performance optimization and access to all constraint data parameters (today’s cost of cheese for example). Thanks to Morsum fOS integration, Alimean can secure accurate cost data through Mandi, Morsum purchasing and inventory automation tool, delivers real-time pricing from suppliers.

Alimean, like all Morsum products, is fully permission and role-based and can be utilized at any level of foodservice operation, site or center.

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Alimean - Model